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Victims Voices: Gone but not forgotten

By Big Ant

This documentary aims to show the true devastation that knife crime causes families, friends and communities of those taken away before their time. By giving the victims voices we hope that we are able to prevent another life being taken by a knife.

In this episode we remember two victims; Marcus Ramsay who died following an altercation at a house party on 08.08.20 and Kavan Brissett who was stabbed at a car park on 14.08.18, but later died from his injuries.

We sit down with:
Allison , Marcus Ramsays ex-partner tells us the difficulties of bringing up their daughter with out her father and the impact it is having on her.
Gemma, a friend of Marcus tells us about how she tirelessly battled to keep him alive.
Andy, Kavans ex teacher, tells us his memories of Kavan and what he is now doing to fight knife crime within Sheffield. Libby, Kavans Aunt talks about the difficulties that the family is still having over his death and how she has still not yet come to terms with it.
Nancy, former chief editor of the Sheffield Star gives her opinion on knife crime and how it could be stopped.

Filmed and edited by BIG TAKE MEDIA
Instagram: @bigtakemedia

Music: Boundaries by K Dot Purchase from: better-late-than-never  Instagram: @kdotscumfam

Always an Alternative CIO is a charity created created with the ultimate aim of spreading awareness and reducing knife crime, gun crime, gangs culture, anti-social behaviour and positive choices; what we call, current risks to youths. We achieve this by using alternative ways of education to engage the youthful minds of today; inform, mentor and support them with the challenges that they may come up against.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this documentary are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Always An Alternative CIO, Big Take Media or any funders of the documentary.

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