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Steel Warriors | This Is

By Nick Jay

Roughly forty thousand knife offences were committed in the UK each year over the last five years [Source UK Gov:]

In response to that Steel Warriors was born [] a charity that was created to melt down confiscated knives taken from gangs, recycle the steel and build callisthenic gyms in deprived neighbourhoods in and around London city. The SW team have been working hard over the years creating something special and unique that I felt needed to be celebrated. To date they have built three and counting.

This 30 second clip demonstrates the scale of the problem and some of the knives that have recently been taken from the streets. Located in the SW factory this is where the melting process begins. [Link:]

When I set out to make this film all I wanted to inspire youth to create something positive with their life no matter how big or small that change may be.

Shots Review:
David Reviews:
Idris Elba:

Directed / Shot / Edited: Nick Jay
Shot: Frederic van Strydonck
Shot: Tom Kral
Drone: Ben Fyfiled / Isaac Morrison / Alphie Fonz
Photography: William Douglas
Sound Design: Denis Kilty

Big thanks to Juan Lopez (Community Manager at Steel Warriors) Elly Dymond (Managing Director at Steel Warriors) Ben Wintour + Pia Fontes (Co-Founders at Steel Warriors) Christian D'Ippolito (Marketing director at Steel Warriors), Lucky Generals creative agency UK and to each and everyone of the calisthenic athletes - thank you.

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