Knife Crime Awareness Short Film #MUST​ WATCH #SEANS​ STORY #STOPKNIFECRIME​

creator: Early Action Hub

This short knife crime awareness film is about a young lad called "Sean" who makes a life changing decision just to impress his school mates and 'fit in' Watch Sean's story unfold and see how things can quickly change, sadly this is an everyday occurrence across the UK, we all have to raise the awareness of carrying a knife. Our aim of this film is to highlight the dangers of carrying a knife to young people, to make our communities a safer and better place to live. We would like to thank the West Yorkshire Police Cadets at Calderdale for providing all of the actors in this along with 1 volunteer. We hope you enjoy it, please leave any positive comments and give it a like if you think we get the message across. Your support is very important to us. Also a big thankyou to the West Yorkshire, Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) for providing the funding to have this film produced.

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