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Giving Wings to Solutions for Young People

www.FightingKnifeCrime.London was launched on 1st June 2021. This new resource will grow and adapt in the months ahead, in order to  become recognised as the most practical online front door in Greater London for anyone that is concerned about what is perhaps the most troubling issue of our age. It is only through information exchange and collaboration that powerful solutions can be identified, and enhanced. We address the problem of youth violence, knife crime, and the loss of hope and the general feeling of alienation, experienced by so many young people who feel their futures slipping away from them. This issue threatens the lives, hopes and opportunities of a generation of our young people in our cities and towns all over the country, and damages the lives of all those who care for them. This new online portal promises to be the most comprehensive one-stop gateway to solutions, information and real empowerment for all those who want to help with active solutions, and for all those who need their help. 

This project starts in Greater London, and we will work towards extending our reach to other cities in the UK once a successful model has been established.  Our model is already been studied in Sheffield at the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice and Sheffield Hallam University,  a city with the second highest number of knife-crime incidents after London. We are working with them to develop and improve the model through the power of genuine collaboration. 

We will place the transformative collaborative power of business, sport, the arts, community and as well as public and private social enterprise and community behind the change you might be looking for. Those who perhaps need mental health support, or a healthy means of escape from their present circumstances, or simply a place a refuge and friendship, or yearn for greater self-esteem and self-respect, can be encouraged to start their journey here. If you think your past has made you unemployable, then you can just click here. Pan-London, national and local groups of all kinds that in one way or another can make a contribution to our general mission to help the disadvantaged young can find a place there, and we will do everything in our power to increase access to groups of this kind, and to keep information about them as up to date as possible.  

But we will be much more than this. A regular 32 page informative magazine , an up-to-date news feature for immediate communication,  a place for empowering videos, and a detailed searchable and accessible directory for Greater London provides access to information about each and a direct link through to the hundreds of websites we will feature in just about every possible area you can think of which offers solutions of the kind all of us would seek for our young people. The many hundreds of organisations we host will be able to update their information and use us to help them get the message across our city about how best we can work to develop and provide solutions for our young, and jobs for those who need them.  Supporters from a network of business entrepreneurs and transformative thinkers lie behind the development of this site, and our hopes for its future are hugely assisted by this.

Borough by Borough, and in your own community, you will be able access resources.  Sports organisations already have a well developed schemes to help the young, employers everywhere are increasingly reaching out to help young people leaving care, leaving custody, or just feeling left out.  Arts organisations are there to use the untapped creativity and confidence building of the young; mental health groups and mentoring groups where fears and anxiety can find a safe haven. There are places for children and young who are in fear and distress, and need help. This website will help them find the help they need.

Our ambition is that this website become the first place anyone goes to learn where, and how, to find help. Our aim is to protect and empower a whole generation of young people, and to provide a one-stop shop to search for a new life opportunity. 

Young people are our future. Here you will find the largest grouping of genuine community, social mobility businesses, and other social enterprises all gathered in one online space. We offer ways out for everyone who seeks it, and way in for anyone who wants to help. Please use it. Tell others to use it too. Play a part in collaborating for a better London, fit for our young to thrive. Get your finger on our pulse. Help to set the hopeful young heart of London beating again, and provide the wings to help them fly.

Working with our website designers, Iconic Media Solutions, our intention is to work with the grain of public and private sector endeavours to enhance solutions that are already in place, and to lend the additional power of our research database. We will seek to improve this through ongoing support from the Helena Kennedy Centre to enhance to considerable work already being done by others. We neither replace nor replicate work already being done, but we do intend to give this work the wings  to fly, and to provide assistance to those to have a claim on our hearts, by simplifying access to the solutions that are being trialled, and to those that offer a pathway to success.

Bruce Houlder CB QC DL
Project Founder
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Bruce Houlder CB QC DL discuss the launch of Fighting Knife Crime London.

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Particular Thanks to

Dr. Nadia Habashi FRSA – Research Coordinator, Advisor and Quality Evaluator for Fighting Knife Crime London

Dr. Habashi FRSA recently led the review into allegations of institutional racism at the Westway Trust, on behalf of Tutu Foundation UK (TFUK). During the period 2016-2018 she was co- evaluator with (Dr Bankole Cole, Reader in Criminology, Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice) of the TFUK Police-Youth London borough, funded by the Mayor of London (MOPAC). She is co-author with Dr Cole of Enhancing Community Resilience: Assessing the role that Black and Minority Ethnic Law Enforcement (LEA) Staff associations and networks can play in the fight against radicalisation.

She was a researcher to Dr Richard Stone OBE, a panel member of the Macpherson Inquiry and undertook archival research for his books, Hidden Stories of the Lawrence Inquiry. She was responsible for developing the Scrutiny Panel process in the Crown Prosecution Service to improve the prosecution of race and religiously aggravated crime, for which she was recognised with a Justice Award. She was a former Head of Local Delivery at the CJS Race Unit, Office for Criminal Justice Reform, with responsibility for the delivery of the PSA 24 Target on Race Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales. She is an Advisor to the National Black Police Association and is responsible for undertaking research and submissions to the Home Affairs Select Committee and the United Nations. She has a PhD in Race and Participatory Governance and is an expert in the use of community engagement to improve performance of Criminal Justice Agencies.

Additional thanks  to the following for their advice and support during the development phase of this website

Sir Ken Olisa OBE, CStJ, FRSA, FBCS, Chair of the Positive Transformation Group

Sir Stephen O'Brien CBE, Convenor of Second Curve Network, Vice-President of Business in the Community

Professor Sital Dhillon OBE, Head of Law and Criminology, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Bankole Cole, Sheffield Hallam University

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC FRSA HonFRSE

Chris Wright, CEO of Catch22

Dan Brown, Founder of the Positive Transformation Group

Sir William Atkinson DL

Clive Conway ARAM, Chair, Tutu Foundation UK

Dorothy Bjorck  (editorial assistance)

Melissa Stock, barrister, for pro bono advice

Steve Parker of London Media Lounge


Craig Kelly (MD) and his magnificent team at Iconic Media Solutions

AND FINALLY but not least, our heartfelt thanks to all those private and institutional donors who have so generously donated to raise the considerable sums required to design and maintain this website for the first 3 years.

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