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Why Donate to FKCL

Administrated by Catch22, we are the fast-growing independent charity, and public resource, that supports and seeks to add value to every other organisation across Greater London working to improve the lives of young people, and that are helping to keep them safe from harm. We offer easy access to multiple resources, and to help. We have a magazine, an extensive directory, publish new research, host videos, and give publicity to imaginative ideas and events focussed on our young. Through our website and our social media, we trumpet the successes of others who share our aims. Through our major partner the Positive Transformation Group, we are also working with those who harness the power of "Corporates in Communities' to help our the young in our City to thrive. We ensure that you can always find the answer you need with just one click.  

As we move forward FKCL intend to expand our work to build bridges between groups large and small, which can evidence that what they already do really does work. FKCL want to collaborate, and we would like, as part of our future work, to provide some bursaries to help those in the greatest need. We will be transparent in all we do, but need you help to improve what we have to offer, so please consider a donation today."

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