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Beware Statistics. Slightly out of date, they may conceal the new reality. We all need to do our bits NOW to support the police and maintain a downward trend.

These new comparative statistics extracted in April 21 but now released by the Metropolitan Police are encouraging. They should be welcomed insofar as they indicate a marked decrease in offences related to weapons between the y/e April 21 and y/e April 20. 

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A series of events connecting young people all over the world, to address inequality and heal their communities.

Following the huge success of inaugural Courage to Heal event last week, Courage to Heal has announced the next two events in the series

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Bruce Houlder, CB QC, on his work fighting knife crime in London

I have practised criminal law in Greater London and the South-East in a working life spanning 51 years, as a barrister, QC, and judge. I have witnessed at first hand the stories of those whose young lives have been damaged, mostly through no fault of their own. The consequence too often i

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Thousands of people with a mental disorder sent to prison when they need treatment

Thousands of people with a mental health disorder are in prison because no safer alternatives were available when a court had to pass sentence, according to a new report (PDF) by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

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New Report from Community Links shows how to make your Community safer, and A Good Place to Live

This publication is designed for everyone who wants to take action to improve the places we live in, whether they be national or local politicians, public bodies or anchor institutions, voluntary sector umbrella bodies or community-based charities, charitable foundations or think tanks.

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FKCL Calls for Real Change - INSIDE OUT

‍Fighting Knife Crime London has been in touch with Nathalie Pownall, an inspiring young actor and filmmaker currently working at HM Young Offenders Institution, Feltham. You will see below what she has done.

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The Price of Justice and How to Save it

‘Fighting Knife Crime London’ like this powerful but simple message from Chaos Theory who work with young people in Waltham Forest.

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The Future of Gang and Knife Crime Prevention 2021

According to the Office of National Statistics, overall crime rates are in decline with total police recorded crime decreasing by 4% in England and Wales in the 12 months ending June 2020 to approximately 5.8 million offences...

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The Opportunity That's Hiding in Plain Sight

Social inequality is persistent and systematic. Often where you start in life is where you’ll end up. When paths to opportunity seem blocked for so many, it’s no surprise we see negative situations develop. If you believe your only path to recognition, and inclusion...

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Knife Crime is at an All Time High and it will take a VILLAGE to Change This

Local Village Network is a grassroots charity that supports the inclusion and equality of vulnerable young people (14-24 year olds), typically at risk of exclusion or NEET...

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A Perfect Alignment: A Trauma Surgeon's Perspective

I am delighted to lend my support to this important initiative. My fellow DL Bruce Houlder has galvanised multiple agencies to produce a truly collaborative resource that will engage and empower the community of greater London in the fight against knife violence...

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West Ham United Foundation CEO, Joseph Lyons: 'Our Approach is Dynamic'

Since 23 March 2020, when the first lockdown began, we have all had to adapt and rise to the challenges which have come our way - individually, organisationally and most importantly, as a collective for the future...

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