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'THE BARS' - a film by Spencer Murphy

By Steel Warriors

Spencer Murphy spent the summer of 2023 documenting the Steel Warriors gyms and the community of athletes that has grown up around these spaces. What initially drew him to make work on this subject was the simple idea of turning something so destructive into something so positive for those communities. What kept him invested in making the work was seeing the amazing dynamic, gymnastic ability of the community that use the park and the diverse mix of characters that you find there.

Starring: Kai Reid, Shakade Khan, Christian d’Ippolito and Simone Ming.
With Thanks to: Steel Warriors and the communities that accepted us.

Directed and Produced by: Spencer Murphy
Director Of Photography: Ed Andrews
Music: Cyrus Shahrad
Sound Mixing: Alex O’Donovan
Editor: Carla Berzon Lillie
Colour Grading: Time Based Arts
Colourist: Ruth Wardell
Colour Producer: Dan Kreeger

Steel Warriors is a charity that takes knives off the streets of the UK and turns them into outdoor calisthenics gyms. Knives are melted down and turned into bar parks that are donated to local councils. There are currently three parks in London (and one in Brixton prison). Built strategically in gang neutral zones within some of the areas most affected by violent crime. Each of the gyms has trainers, who are employed by the charity, that provide free classes to the local community. The aim to provide a healthy outlet without a price tag.

Spencer's instagram -  mrspencermurphy  
Steel Warriors' instagram - steelwarriors  

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