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Review of the Metropolitan Police Service Gangs Violence Matrix: Update on the implementation of the MOPAC recommendations

January 2021

1. A new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and policy document have been produced for the Gangs Violence Matrix (GVM). The SOP and policy set out the operation and governance of the GVM, both centrally for the MPS Intelligence Command (Met Intelligence) who have overall control of the Matrix, and at Basic Command Unit (BCU) level.1

In each BCU, officers who work with the Matrix have received training specific and relevant to their role. Each BCU now has a Detective Superintendent - a senior officer in charge of all dedicated crime investigation roles – who is designated as the Matrix Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for that BCU. SPOCs have been trained on their responsibilities to make sure that officers at lower ranks are using the Matrix fairly and following procedure.

Officers working in a dedicated team within a BCU to tackle violent crime linked to gangs have been trained on their responsibilities for adding and removing individuals from the Matrix, such as checking that information linking them to a gang is current, and updating the Matrix if this is known to have changed. Other officers have been trained on the changes made to the Matrix following the MOPAC recommendations; importantly the need to check Matrix status before making any decisions based on it, due to individuals being removed on a regular basis.

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