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Violence against women and girls - snapshot report 2020-2021

This report sets out the state of violence against women and girls (VAWG) as of January 2021 and what we know about prevalence and the policy landscape of this issue.

We have drawn on the latest Government statistics, research and insight from specialist VAWG sector organisations and researchers to highlight the extent of VAWG and pull together a snapshot of VAWG over the past year.

In order to properly understand the experiences of women and girls during this period it is vital to consider the impact of violence against women and girls alongside intersecting inequalities, and the global Coronavirus pandemic which has “landed on top of” and exacerbated these inequalities.

• Effective Protection and Support from Domestic Abuse for All
A Domestic Abuse Bill that addresses the barriers to support currently facing migrant women.

• A comprehensive public health approach to tackling Online Abuse
A comprehensive public health approach to tackling online abuse, including ensuring the Online Harms Bill adequately addresses the specific risks that Black and minoritised women face online.

• Support for schools to implement RSE and “Whole School Approach”

Ahead of the launch of a new VAWG Strategy, we aim to outline in this report, the extent of VAWG and the connections between different forms of violence that pervade women’s lives. Furthermore, we set out key recommendations for addressing this violence:

A single, joined-up Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy
A holistic VAWG strategy and framework, which is a high Government priority, championed by Ministers, and well-funded.

A Strategic Investment to End Abuse
In order to deliver the life-saving work that helps thousands of women and girls every day, the VAWG sector needs long-term, sustainable funding, including ring-fenced funding for “by and for” services.

Far-ranging reform to the Criminal Justice System’s approach to Sexual Violence
Extensive reforms to the police, Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) and courts, improved leadership and accountability, wrap-around support and advocacy for all victim-survivors and ensuring access to justice for all.

The Department for Education (DfE) should support schools so that there is no further delay to the compulsory rollout of RSE and so schools can implement a ‘Whole School Approach’.

A Perpetrators Strategy for all
A national strategy on perpetrators that properly resources interventions to address abusive behaviour.

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