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Turnaround Plan 2023 - 2025

January 2023

We have a clear mission for policing London. We will deliver More Trust, Less Crime and High Standards.

Sir Robert Peel founded the Metropolitan Police Service 200 years ago, setting the principle of ‘policing by consent’ – policing is at its best when it recognises that trust and support of communities is fundamental to reducing crime. Police have unique powers and the consent of those we serve flows from the trust we build. This requires the highest standards.

Our plan is to deliver a better service and to achieve that we need to hear your views. We are listening, and will update the Plan in April following this period of engagement.

Tens of thousands of great men and women give their all every day of the year. But, crime continues to evolve and we must be one step ahead. Much takes place in private, often predatory violence by men against women and girls. And, online criminals increasingly look to exploit others. We need a new level of precision to use resources effectively. We will be data and intelligence led to maximise capabilities. We will be focused and reduce bureaucracy so that every hour of police time serves the public well.

Confidence in the Met has been falling. A turnaround will require precise, community crime-fighting. First, we explain how we will deliver the mission of More Trust, Less Crime and High Standards through core policing activities, second, we describe how we will work supported by refreshed values, and third, we set out nine turnaround priorities.

We have to tackle standards issues head on. We have been too weak in countering racism, misogyny, homophobia and ableism. We have let down those we’re here to protect – particularly London’s Black communities, women and girls and the LGBTQ+ community. His Majesty‘s Inspectorate of Constabulary has placed the Met on an improvement programme and the interim report from Baroness Casey laid bare serious failures.

I am determined to win back Londoners’ trust. We can succeed because of the dedicated, honest, often heroic, men and women who are the great majority of the Met. Our work has begun, but I must be candid. We cannot achieve the profound reforms needed quickly or without the ongoing help and support of wider policing, politicians, partner organisations and most of all, communities. Lifting the stone reveals painful truths that will not be resolved overnight, and it is critical that these truths cause none of us to lose our resolve to renew Peel’s vision of policing by consent.

This plan is the first step towards this vision and to deliver More Trust, Less Crime and High Standards.

Sir Mark Rowley QPM | Commissioner

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