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The Cost of Living Impact on Mental Health 2022-2023

December 2022

In the recent past, especially in the past year of 2022, the cost of living has been increasing significantly, causing massive issues across individuals’ daily lives and their quality of life. 

The areas in which the cost has increased the most significantly include the cost of food, energy, electricity, and fuel – all of which are essential for an individual’s wellbeing and mental health. 

With the rising cost of these areas, more and more individuals may begin to struggle with mental health issues. 

This is especially evident in individuals who have disabilities and therefore may require additional support and access to services which may be rising in cost¹.

In addition, individuals struggling with addiction may be especially vulnerable during these times due to the stressors and issues relating to the cost-of-living crisis that may make their daily lives more difficult. 

In England, it is estimated that there are over 600,000 dependent drinkers – individuals who may be physically addicted to alcohol – but only 18% are currently receiving treatment². 

This can be worsened during the cost-of-living crisis, especially if the individual is not already receiving care. 

For this reason, individuals who may be struggling with an alcohol addiction should ensure to seek help as soon as possible. 

The longer an addiction is left, the worse it can get, creating additional issues in the future such as finding employment and continuing to afford the rising costs of living³. 

The infographic below displays some of the key issues relating to mental health and the cost-of-living crisis, as well as showing who may be most affected⁴. 


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⁴ Learn more at the alcohol rehab in London article.

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