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Redthread Strategy 2021-2026

December 2021

About Redthread

We support any young person aged 11-25 who presents to our services because of challenges with health, violence or exploitation.

Where we do our work

Redthread works within the health system. We have worked in primary care and extensively in hospitals
and have considerable expertise in using the teachable moment across multiple settings. This experience continues to inspire our ambitions to ensure that Redthread is placed where young people need us most.

This is why I called you - because you taught me that it’s safe to say ‘I need help’’

King’s Adolescent Outreach Service (KAOS)

KAOS seeks to improve the care of adolescents in hospital. We currently support young people aged 13-25 who are admitted to adult and paediatric wards at King’s College Hospital, London.

Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Young Women’s Service

Our dedicated Young Women’s Service employs specialist professionals who are able to provide longer-term, intensive interventions. Redthread’s VAWG lead works strategically both across the organisation and with external partners to ensure that we are contributing to the collective response to violence against women and girls.

Social Switch

The Social Switch Project is switching the narrative on how social media’s relationship to youth violence is understood, tackled and solved. Initially funded by, it is co- delivered by social business Catch22 and Redthread. Recognising our impact, the Mayor of London and its Violence Reduction Unit is now supporting our next phase, backing our work to divert at-risk youth towards fulfilling digital careers.

The Well Centre

Between 2011 and 2020, we partnered with Herne Hill Group Practice in running The Well Centre which provided young people, aged 13-20, with drop-in access to GPs, CAMHS counsellors and Redthread’s experienced team of specialist youth workers. Whether in crisis or wanting to chat over a hot chocolate, young people have a safe space to raise their concerns and receive helpful and appropriate support and advice. The Well Centre continues to be run by Herne Hill Group Practice.

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