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Inspiring Positive Change - The FA Strategy for Women's and Girls’ Football: 2020-2024

August 2022

Football has the power to change lives for the better. It can contribute to physical and mental wellbeing, it can provide opportunities to compete and collaborate with others and it can help to shape the place of girls and women in wider society.

Our strategy is based on understanding an individual's motivation to play - for learning, for recreation, for competition and for excellence. We want to ensure there is access and opportunity for every girl and woman to play, coach, spectate, officiate, manage or administer if they so wish and the game to be truly representative of our society across all protected characteristics1 and social backgrounds.

We have built our long-term strategy around the following:

1. Giving every girl the earliest opportunity to have a fun, enjoyable introduction to the game in school and club.

2. Providing a well-signposted, inclusive and accessible club player pathway that supports the talented girls and young women who aspire to play in The FA Women’s National League, The FA Women’s Championship and the Barclays FA Women’s Super League.

3. Being at the global forefront of women’s professional sport and developing the best women sports leagues and competitions in the world.

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