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Effective point-of-arrest diversion for children and young people

December 2022
Effective point-of-arrest diversion for children and young people
Why read this evidence review?

Some children come into contact with the law and most are simply doing what comes naturally to them - pushing boundaries, making choices without thinking through the consequences, acting up among their peers. They may also be the victims of exploitation.

Unfortunately, the consequences of being caught, arrested and convicted can be serious. For these children this affects future education and employment opportunities, and it can have a backfire effect, making children and young people more, not less, likely to reoffend.

The evidence shows that point-of-arrest youth diversion is a better way of addressing low-level criminal behaviour. Moreover, in line with the Youth Justice Board’s ‘Child First’ strategy, point-of-arrest youth diversion is vital to the prioritisation of the child’s needs, enabling a fairer youth justice system.

This review provides:

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