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A guide to knife harm for parents and carers

August 2022

It can be extremely worrying to think that your child is involved in something as dangerous as knife crime.

They may not be carrying a weapon themselves but are associated with people who are. The natural reaction is to panic – but this won’t resolve the situation and could push your child away.

Whatever the reason a young person is involved in knife crime, it is likely to have something to do with fear. Even if they don’t admit it, a young person getting involved in weapons will be frightened, and continuously looking over their shoulder. They will be waiting for the police to stop and search them, or to be confronted by others, and in the end will be grateful for a ‘way out’ of that lifestyle.

This guide is designed to help provide a glossary of facts, practical advice as well as tips on how to speak to your child about the dangers associated with carrying a knife and where you can seek further help or support.

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