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What is the #notinvolved campaign you ask?

April 29, 2022

The AP Foundation ( is excited to announce the launch of the #notinvolved campaign.

It has become the norm for young people to be afraid of getting “G Checked”

“G Checking” or or being “G Checked” was born out of the postcode gang culture. It is essentially similar to a stop and search, gang members will often shake down unknown people within their age range who enter their area to identify them and check their gang affiliations. There are usually two outcomes. Unfortunately these two options are being robbed or being stabbed/ injured or a combination of both. There is also the possibility of being charged for violence in a self defence scenario.

Young people are quickly stereotyped as being in a gang,  just by their dress code,  i.e. wearing hooded tops. This makes it uncomfortable for members of the public who are essentially in fear of these young people. This has the domino effect of the young person having a cold reception in public places, and feeling more alienated from the mainstream side of society. This leads to less positive opportunities on both sides of the deal.

This is where the #notinvolved comes in. It is our intention to launch a line of clothing including T- Shirts, Hats and Hoodies. These garments will bear the #notinvolved logo. This gives the young person a safe way to identify themselves as a person who wants to interact with people in only positive ways. It breaks down stereotyping barriers, prevents senseless violence and makes it easier for younger people to navigate the world.

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