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Violent Crime Prevention Board 4 Years On - Time for Change

January 13, 2023

The VCPB was a collaboration between a senior Metropolitan Police officer Dr Neville Lawrence OBE and a team derived from London's communities, most of which were already involved in working with police in some capacity.

In 2017, in a room at New Scotland Yard, senior police officer Mick Gallagher convened a team of influential community members and young people affected by violence to volunteer their time and consider ideas from their vast arsenal of knowledge, expertise and approaches to combat London’s rising knife and violent crime.

Invited to lead the group was Dr Neville Lawrence OBE, father of Stephen Lawrence and Dr Angela Herbert MBE originally appointed as vice chair and now holding the position of Chair.

The team with leadership of the Chair and Vice Chair, selected the identity of the Board and named it the Violent Crime Prevention Board, (VCPB), Vision to Champion Progress. The agreed focus of the Board was on providing youth with alternatives to crime, with the notion that if you remove a knife or action that is detrimental, an alternative must be provided. The hope is that young people could be provided with opportunities and support by the Board and other people of significance to be their biggest cheerleaders.

The Board identified a series of themes to strategically offer opportunities and support for youth as well as joining up those providing youth support and positive activities.  These included:

• Family 

• Education

• Faith

• Business

• Youth

• Stop and Search - Police

Using these themes, the Board’s role as the centre from which all themes emanate, would filter information between communities and the police in the main. The plan was for the Board to deliver and receive information from communities and consider how it might support the aims and objectives in London and beyond.

Activities over the past 4 years

• Collaboration with the Metropolitan police, Crimestoppers and other constabularies

• Presentations in educational institutions delivering prevention 

• Videos and vignettes  Stand with the VCPB

• Stop and Search - Stopwatch

• Nims Obunge - Peace Alliance -

• Patrice Bailey – Patrice Bailey International -

• Jeremy Chapman – Sycamore Alliance Ltd -

• Katrina French – Unjust CIC 

• Andrew Morrison – Visions TV online

• Dr Angela Herbert IOTC-Solutions and Shades CJS CIC –;

Moving On – All Change - Introducing Lisa Westray Principle of Haringey 6th form college

An exciting new chapter is in progress, as we seek to register VCPB as a Community Interest Company with young people right at our core, leading in directorship roles with the support of Lisa Westray, Principle of Haringey 6th form college.  Lisa engages with young people from across London and has supportive infrastructure that includes learning opportunities to enhance their business aspirations.

Launching in April 2023, the VCPB CIC will be led by young people for young people.  They are being involved right from the outset of this exciting new phase, taking responsibility for defin-ing the vision and identifying the priorities -   It is critical for today's young people to have a voice in their own futures.  New created leadership roles will give young people the opportunity to develop their professional skills.  A wide range of experiences such as workshops, confer-ences, debate groups and other events will enable all young people to have their voices heard on the issues that really matter to them.

The youth led VCPB will build a culture of belonging and inclusion that brings together a com-munity of like-minded young people who will be a driving force for change. Members will con-tinue to lend their support as needed to ensure that they actualise their aspirations.

Their first meeting took place on Saturday 10 December where they started discussions about the focus and approach of VCPB CIC.  Currently, there is a survey being shared to increase the number of voices contributing to the approach.  

If you have access to young people who might wish to get involved, please share the QR code with a few questions for them to complete and submit by 31 January 2023.

We are supporting young people to take charge of their space, as a vital aspect of Violent Crime Prevention.

For further information contact

Dr Angela Herbert MBE

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