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Positively Transforming Communities to create Brighter Better Futures

January 10, 2022

The Positive Transformation Group (PTG) is leading a locally developed, national collaboration to connect Community with Corporates. This powerful collaboration engaging communities and corporates will level up access to opportunity, delivering measurable Positive Transformation through implementation of a data rich, intelligent calculation of social value and environmental impact to form the foundations of UK wide ESG initiatives. Don’t worry, I will explain what all this means.

This initiative is led by our Founder Dan Brown, along with Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, and an incredibly connected, motivated, likeminded, and focused senior leadership team. Our mission is to Positively Impact a minimum of 1 billion lives - Providing the right networks, connections, resources, and opportunities to create brighter better futures.

PTG Initiative is leading a locally developed, nationally delivered collaboration to connect Community with Corporates, creating measurable intelligent calculation of social value and environmental impact.

Corporate & Communities in Collaboration (CCC) will be a driving force for supporting the government’s promises to level up access to opportunities across the UK, increasing diversity, inclusion, while also addressing important complex social challenges like Digital Inequality, access to digital skills, and creating access to funded skills to support pathways into employment.

To date, PTG has been creating a UK wide prototype working with Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant, Sir Ken Olisa OBE, and others of influence across business, state and third sector. A core part of this work has been to create a project looking at how, using technological advances, a clear, recognised, and auditable framework for calculating social value can be created. This can then be adapted to support corporates with community engagement, providing a means to measure the impact of this added social value alongside their respective ESG commitment.  The technology we are now able to engage is new and ground-breaking. 

An important foundation of this that is our partnership with a significant network of housing associations, 1800 across the UK. This has the capacity to provide huge untapped human resources. Through this partnership PTG can efficiently, and very effectively, connect corporates to communities and facilitate access to the right people, resources, and funding to drive opportunities through powerful collaborations. This work will also create the PTG Bridge, connecting Communities and Corporates, levelling up society and creating brighter better futures through new thinking and Positive Transformation.

PTG have created a middle ground that can demonstrate value to Communities, Corporates, and the Government alike through collaborative partnerships delivered locally that combine into a national movement for levelling up and Positive Transformation. This is a desperately needed catalyst for change through an evolution in creating a commercially sustainable, social value driven, ethical marketplace for business, state and third sector.

A clear and simple example of this is the work we are doing to help people in communities around the country access training, skills funding and employment opportunities by connecting them directly with employers. We are removing third party recruitment companies, and the complex biases that prevent people becoming socially mobile around the UK.

In leading a social impact evolution, PTG will support Government and Corporates with their drive towards better implementation of ESG, and help their election promises to level up communities. ESG has moved from the UN to mainstream thinking in Government and amongst corporations all over the world. This move has given added impetus by COP26, and the realisation that greater sustainability and investment in communities are necessary. This is fuelled by public demand for those in power to do better and will be leveraged by PTG Collaborative Impact Groups. The PTG Impact Groups are made up everyday people who have a passion to move forward in life. We connect passionate people in communities, to the right connections, resources and funding to help them move forward. This is what Connecting Communities with Corporates (CCC) is building across the UK.

Regulators and others are now biting hard on the practical and measurable implementation of ESG within Corporates and asking why we are not doing more. PTG we can bridge the gap by levelling up in the kind of way that we all assume the Government wish to, but simply cannot, without collaboration with Communities and Corporates. 

Working with PTG, and by using new and sophisticated IT solutions, an individual corporate ESG report can now be made to present measurable outcomes in way that could not be done before. Inevitably this is not provided for free, it will however provide a measurable and commercially sustainable value, along with a hugely desirable benefit in efficiency as organisations attempt do business by tapping into new labour markets. The social housing sector alone represents a 20% market segment of diverse and inclusive new talent and potential customers that has been overlooked for far too long. Poverty does NOT equal stupidity, quite the opposite.

How does this all help connect to communities? When investment in communities, and in their housing and buildings start to beneficially impact the individual, there is a curve that begins to drive new potential employees from the same demographic. From the corporate’s perspective, this is a huge untapped opportunity to find new and talented employees. One way of looking at it is to say that there is a massive problem with recruitment in the UK at present. This is exacerbated by another body of potential employees, who do not want to return to work in an office environment and are keen to find new ways of working. There is sitting in the homes of social housing communities, a huge mass of untapped talent – potentially up to 20% of the working population. PTG aim not to work for them, but rather with them.

PTG is leading a project to identify the untapped talent market that also potentially represents a 20% new market segment than can be accessed by forward thinking alongside truly diverse and inclusive corporates. Now more than ever before, we have a long overdue opportunity to level up the UK, create meaningful and measurable diversity and inclusion, while showing UK PLC as leading the way in how to create commercially sustainable, access to opportunities through ‘no boundaries’ collaborative initiatives.

In creating this collaborative approach PTG can demonstrate a completely new and revolutionary approach to belonging at work. We will provide fully funded, and part subsidised, volume recruitment through back to work programmes, completely new thinking in recruitment and new talent attraction, as well as showing how to create meaningful purpose driven employee engagement with active involvement in social and environmental projects. 

These initiatives enable employers to be more tailored in their approach to new talent acquisition, taking an influencer-based approach and in removing to a substantial degree over-inflated recruitment fees from agencies and social media. which are all becoming dramatically less effective in our new world economy.

What nobody accounted for until the pandemic is the scale of the race to find new talent and drive for diversity and inclusion. PTG can now demonstrate that not only can an organisation be part of this national project, but PTG can open up a large percentage of the UK population living in the community to which these corporates have had scant access until now. 

This is the PTG Bridge, Connecting Communities and Corporates (CCC), levelling up society and creating brighter better futures through new thinking and Positive Transformation.

Dan Brown, Founder of the Positive Transformation Group

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