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Operation Sceptre gets underway on Monday 13th November with FKCL

November 13, 2023

Forces across the country are united in action to tackle knife crime. Operation Sceptre gets underway on Monday 13th November and will see intensified efforts through operations carried out with partner agencies.  The Metropolitan Police have launched Operation Sceptre after a week that has already made huge demands on their resources. Their effort however is undiminished by this. Fighting Knife Crime London is delighted to partner with the Met in this effort, and the Met are distributing leaflets which links directly their extensive wide range of resources to help young Londoners, and tokeep all of us safe.

As part of these operations forces will target habitual knife carriers and engage with children, young people and parents to educate them about the risks of carrying a knife and signpost them to relevant support services. Operation Sceptre will also highlight ongoing work with schools, charities, retailers, the health service and communities to reduce knife crime and keep people safe.

Operation Sceptre brings together police forces in a coordinated national effort to tackle serious violence and will see forces build upon already existing activity that involves crucial engagement and prevention work.

As part of Operation Sceptre, police will partner with Border Force nationally to monitor knives and other offensive weapons, including attempts to import illegal items, as well as sharing intelligence.

Early intervention to steer young people away from knife crime and putting in place measures to tackle the root causes remains vital. The Met continues to work closely with every willing partner including Fighting Knife Crime London to come up with solutions to ensure weapons are not falling into the wrong hands.

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