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Beware Statistics. Slightly out of date, they may conceal the new reality. We all need to do our bits NOW to support the police and maintain a downward trend.

September 16, 2021

FKCL Comment:

These new comparative statistics extracted in April 21 but now released by the Metropolitan Police are encouraging. They should be welcomed insofar as they indicate a marked decrease in offences related to weapons between the y/e April 21 and y/e April 20. Nonetheless, the note of caution below placed against these statistics is prudent and unless thesis understood the statistics can have little meaning. Nothing can be certain in terms of real trends, and the  number of homicides caused by knives since April this year us disturbing.  We hold our breath, and hope these now rather out-of-date statistics might yet prove an accurate portrayal of annual trends. The report shows an encouraging decrease in knife crime (-33.57%), but is not so marked when compared with cases where injuries were caused by knives (-19.1%). Gun crime is also on the decrease (-23.94%) but again this may be due to the lockdown periods.  All this indicates that we need to do more than ever to be vigilant, and help communities to see that this trend downwards becomes a permanent feature of these statistics.  In this the police need the support of all communities.

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